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Hollywood Global Shipping Co caters to customers who live overseas or spend a great deal of time traveling. Our services provide them with a means of receiving mail and packages mailed to their US address (which we provide) and having us process and forward selected items to them at their preferred address.

We can provide long-term services or one-time shipment services. Some clients use us off and on when they go on vacation or for extended business trips out of the country. Either way, we are here to help.

Here are some of the great benefits you can expect:

  • Bulk shipping discounts up to 20% off regular rates
  • Incredible customer service response and support
  • US based address for all your correspondence and shipments
  • Access to a vast network of shipping options and carriers

There are several options for you to choose from our services menu. Below, we will briefly discuss how they work and how you can sign up. Most plans are able to be customized to allow you to choose services that best fit your needs. You should note, however, that storage and preferred shipping methods are not listed choices for the customization options.

Plans start at $69.95/month.


Though we are certain once you used us you will not feel otherwise, you can opt to have us handle a one-time shipment for you.

This service will provide you with an address based in the States that will allow you to ship a one time delivery for us to handle for you. You pay a one-time fee for the service. You can order the items yourself and use the address we provide to you or you can opt, for an additional fee, to have us place the order for you using the one-time address. After your package is received, we will forward it on to you at the address you specified at the time of the service request.


This option provides personalized receipt and handling of your correspondence. This is particularly great for those living overseas or on extended vacation. All of your mail is sent to the US address that we provide to you at the time of your account setup. All mail comes to us and we then process it and notify you of deliveries. You can then instruct us, on a piece by piece basis, how to handle each item. Most will be forwarded to you at your physical location.


This is a great option for those who do a lot of online shopping or for those who use our Personal Shopper service. Your mail and packages come to us and then we forward them on to you at your location. We provide a legal US address that allows you to shop at online stores based in the US and still receive your purchases at your overseas location. We essentially act as the middlemen. An added benefit is that you get to take advantage of the incredible shipping rates we are able to obtain from some of the largest carriers around.

We check all packages for possible damage and immediately notify you of any issues. Once the package is sent back out to you, we will provide you with all the pertinent tracking information.

Here are some of the features of this plan:

  • US based legitimate mailing address
  • Updates on your items on a daily or weekly basis
  • FREE repacking and package consolidation if requested
  • FREE storage of your packages of up to 10 days

This plan starts at $69.95 per month. You can choose from a list of customized options at the time of your account setup. Plan cost is also based on the number of packages per month you choose for us to handle.

If you contact us now, we will provide a consultation FREE of charge to help assess your needs and choose the services best suited to your lifestyle. We run specials on a regular basis and our staff can point out some money saving options for you as well.

Let us show you how we can help relieve you of some stress and help free up precious time that you could be spending on more enjoyable tasks.


  • "I have no concerns when I use They take care of everything for me, let me know when my package has arrived and even send me pics! I know they have everything under control."

    Savannah Cosio

  • "I feel like such a diva with my Personal Shopper Services with Hollywood Global Shipping . I give them my list and they do all the legwork. Best of all, they shop around for the best price on the items I want."

    Lia Summerville

  • "Living outside of the US means I miss out on a lot of great stuff we just can’t get over here. I used to try to get some great stuff I loved online, but some sites won’t ship outside of the US. Once I discovered Package Services, all that changed. I can now buy what I want and no worries about their shipping restrictions."

    Leticia Cater

  • "I was planning on expanding my eBay business, but couldn’t imagine how I was going to handle the increased demands shipping would place on my time. A fellow eBayer told me to check out Hollywood Global Shipping , so I did. It sounded like a great idea and I decided to try out their services. They have been such a big help and I am able to concentrate on other aspects of the growing business while they handle the grunt work."

    Lance Ralph

  • "Our marketing department had this great idea to do a mass mailing promotion. It sounded good in theory, but realistically, we couldn’t find a way to implement it. Too many issues with time and manpower. Our marketing director did research and found She called them and they assured us they could handle the mailing for us. They did, it was a great success and we are sure to use them in the future."

    Orlando Gauldin

  • "I love Hollywood Global Shipping and have been using their services for years. I even turned my parents on to them and they are thrilled with them. I just tried the gift wrapping for the first time and all I can say is “Wow”. "

    Belle Mauck

  • "The Personal Shopper service has saved me a number of times. If I am pressed for time and need the “perfect” gift, I contact them. I can tell them specifically what I want or give them a general idea and they nail it every time. They are lifesavers."

    Catarina Thurmond

  • "I just got a promotion a few months ago and though it’s been great, it takes me away from home quite a bit. I hated coming home to piles of mail to sift through. I heard about and set up account. What a relief. No more piles, no more hours sorting thru junk mail and I can have them send stuff to me directly while I am out on the road if I need to have it right away."

    Lino Lampe

  • "Our home-based business relies on prompt shipping to survive. We let Hollywood Global Shipping handle it and our customers are happy and complaint-free."

    Malissa Hendren

  • "My husband insists on driving this obscure car that while it does get a lot of attention, is a pain to fix when it breaks down. The parts are so hard to get and most need to be shipped to us. The last time, I insisted we put Package Services on the case. I was tired of the hassle. They found the part and had it to us in just a few days. Now if only I get the husband to get a new car!"

    Ardella Gummer

  • "We needed to secure a presence in the States but were in no position to set up operations there just yet. secured us a phone line and a mailing address in the States so we could begin expanding our business there. It gave us some legitimacy with Americans we were unable to obtain before and incredibly, it saves us money on shipping and phone calls. "

    Elliot Harned

  • "Not that I have a lot of issues with them, but whenever I do have a problem, the customer service staff at Hollywood Global Shipping are available and responsive. They listen to me, promise action and more importantly, deliver. "

    Pia Taber

  • "Our company wanted to launch a customer newsletter, but we were unsure if we could pull it off. We contacted the pros at and after consulting with them, realized we could make it a reality. Our customers love it."

    Graig Kogut

  • "My eBay business is on fire and I have to thank for it. I couldn’t have done it without them."

    Abbie Mosier

  • "I am so impressed with Package Services and their service. My husband was a skeptic but he was just buying something online yesterday and asked me what our “new” address was – I guess they made him a believer."

    Lizeth Haff

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We take customer service very seriously. Our staff is professional and capable of handling all of your needs.
For customer support issues, please reach out to us at or call us at (800) 643-2998.

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